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What the Critics Say

"A painter whos work seems to be reaching a definite state of maturity.........her work is often distinguished by pictorial space that contains large areas of modulating colour, with a few images that seemingly float within the composition"
Gordon Brown Auckland Star

"Her work belongs to the vigorous painterly style that is strongly associated with Canterbury Painting, and particularly with the students of Gopas"
NZ Herald

"graceful and elegant...... ..Campbell is creating evocative images that will tap into your imagination and invite entry into a dream level of consciousness"
Elizabeth Caldwell Art New Zealand

"Quiet intensity - weight and authority"
John Summers Christchurch Star

"Rosemary Campbell of Timaru paints beautiful evocative abstract watercolours, with complex organic clusters weaving intricate webs and casting out ribbons into floating and billowing atmospheres. Her work has much in common with that outstanding period of Philip Trusttum's work, 1968 to 1970."

"the paint is exquisitely applied - too heavy a word - so exquisitely conjured into the surface, that the result is unquestionable..............this is masterly"
Stephen GreenThe Dominion Wellington

"This is mastery"
RJ Collins NZ Listener

"Producing microcosmic fantasies of a refined sensitivity"
T.L. Rodney Wilson Christchurch Press

"She has complete control of her paintings and technically I find they are very sound"
W.A. Sutton Otago Daily Times

"Marvelous colour combines with a sensitivity of handling to create exquisite jewels of fantasy, mood and emotion"
Christine Guild Dominion Wellington

"a profound sense of rhythm indicative of the pleasure she takes in the painting process"
D.Peebles. Christchurch Press.

"Like some water colours by Turner, these pictures may well be called 'tinted' steam"
T.J.McNamara, NZ Herald